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Employee Health Benefits Made Simple…

Employee Health Benefits Made Simple…

HEALTHCARE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BROKEN – It’s time to make group health benefits affordable again…
It’s time for iOne Benefits Group.

IBG was formed out of the desire to offer something different, founded by industry experts with different but complementary skill sets. We bring the complete program to our clients, and we bring it from their perspective.

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Top Health Benefit Solutions

We partner with firms and businesses who want to offer complete, transparent health benefit solutions to their employees.

Compliance Piece of Mind

We are proactive and looking ahead to the changing regulations and compliance to help ensure that you’re ready for what’s next.

Customized Benefits

Our customized health benefit solutions deliver very specific outcomes based on your needs today!

The Current State of Healthcare Today

When it comes to employee benefits and health insurance, stop settling for the same old thing and expecting different results! Ever wish it was easier? More effective? Better for you and your employees? Ever wish you had a partner who could deliver healthier outcomes, solid cost containment strategies, lower healthcare costs, and happier employees?

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The Problem With Healthcare:

  • 70% of employers offer high deductible health plans (HDHP’s)

  • Dependent costs are through the roof and unaffordable
  • Deductibles have risen six times faster than worker’s earnings
  • More insureds reported difficulty paying medical bills
  • Out-of-pocket costs have risen to almost 230%
  • Employers are shifting more healthcare cost to employees
  • Insureds are delaying medical care due to out-of-pocket costs
  • Medical bills are one of the top two reasons for bankruptcy
  • Many employees do not follow recommended care due to costs

Our Solutions Are Changing Healthcare:

  • Lowering deductibles and eliminating co-insurance

  • Significant savings on employer healthcare premiums
  • Enhanced employee benefit packages
  • Innovative risk-spreading strategies to control long term costs
  • Dedicated HR support to assist with claims & compliance
  • Programs to help employers reduce or eliminate deductibles through local provide partnerships
  • Healthier outcomes and reliable cost containment
  • Our custom plans actually simplify the process
  • Revolutionary cutting-edge secondary plans
  • Full monthly reporting and management
  • A complete Rx Solution