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Let’s face it, health insurance is broken.

Let’s face it, health insurance is broken. Group health insurance costs are spiraling out of control. The perception is that medical benefits/stop-loss insurance is a commodity. Frankly, that’s more than a perception. The status quo has become an endless procession of annual rate increases and quote gathering with the only solutions being watering down the benefits or shifting cost to the employees followed by more of the same the next year.

We deliver employee benefit packages and solutions that enhance benefits and increase retention. Our programs provide a long-term strategy to control healthcare costs. IBG’s team of Account Managers offer day to day support to you, your HR team, employees, and their families.

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Ready To Change The Game?

iOne Benefits Group delivers a truly unique process designed to change the game. We deliver one source administration and unmatched customer service for all your health benefit needs.

It is time to spark a true movement in healthcare. It is time to learn more about IBG for your peace of mind and overall financial stability. Let us help!

Our Turn-Key Programs Include:

  • TPA Services and Consolidated Billing
  • Online Platform Benefit Administration
  • Stop-Loss & Fully Insured Plans
  • Cutting Edge Secondary Plans
  • Traditional Network and Reference-Based Pricing
  • Traditional Ancillary Programs; Dental, Vision, Life, Long and Short-Term Disability, and more
  • A Complete Rx Solution
  • Medical Management
  • Full Monthly Reporting
  • Comprehensive employee benefit package solutions


Healthcare today is archaic and reactionary. It offers little in the way of true cost containment and does very little to address the various diagnosis’ responsible for the high-cost claims that keep you up at night.

At IBG, we take a different approach.


  • Offering customized health benefit solutions that deliver very specific outcomes based on your needs today;
  • Being proactive and looking ahead to the changing regulatory times and compliance to help ensure that you’re ready for what’s to come.

We’re changing the way healthcare is done—and we’d love for you to join us!

Contact us today and come join the IBG movement.